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Academy of Engineering


Lyman High School's Engineering Program prepares students for rigorous college coursework by integrating five years of math and four years of science. Originating in the Fall of the 2000-2001 school year, under the leadership of Principal, Mr. Sam Momary. Students in the Academy are provided opportunities to create, design, and build things like robots and automobiles, applying what they are learning in math and science to the world's grand challenges.

The Academy of Engineering offers 7 full-year courses taught by skilled professionals with Engineering Degrees and Experiences. With almost 700 students enrolled in the program, Lyman's Academy of Engineering excels yearly in SECME, Robotics, and Technology Student Association (TSA) Competitions where students continually earn top honors. Some of these honors include our students placing first in the Astronaut Challenge as well as the earning a scholarship to Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference.

Watch the video of our students at the Astronaut Challenge here.

Read the article about Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference here.

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Why Engineering?

Statistics show that less than half the students who start their freshman year in college as engineering majors actually graduate with an engineering degree. Freshmen engineering success can be viewed as a process that is dependent on both the student's experiences before and during college. These experiences play a vital role in student's remaining in engineering, math, and science degrees. The Lyman Academy of Engineering can be a source of preparation in the areas of engineering, math, and science before students enter college.

Engineering Preparation

Global Competitiveness in Engineering

At present, the U.S. has only 30% of the world's scientists and engineers. The U.S. only contributes 40% of the world's research and development spending and publishes only 35% of the world's scientific and engineering studies. These are interesting and confusing statistics when you also realize that 17 of the top 20 engineering colleges in the world are based in the U. S. If the U.S. does not increase its number of scientists and engineers it will no longer remain one of the world's leading competitors in this global market. Engineers are the backbone of our country's economy. They are the inventors, scientists, and problem solvers.

The Economic Importance of Engineering

Economic Engineering

The majority of the needs of our global economy rely on the knowledge and expertise contained within the different areas of engineering. The countries that employ the majority of the global engineers will be the countries that will prosper and excel in the future. Policy reports have shown that China and India are graduating around 600,000 engineers and the U.S. is graduating only 100,000.

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