Academy of Engineering Courses

Project Lead The Way

Lyman High School's Engineering Program prepares students for rigorous college coursework by integrating five years of math and four years of science. Project Lead the Way (PLTW) is an engaging and thought-provoking place where students develop critical thinking skills through hands-on project-based learning, preparing them to take on real-world challenges. Students will have the opportunity to create, design, and build things like robots and automobiles, applying what they are learning in math and science to the world's grand challenges.

Foundation Courses

8600550/EGS1111C Introduction to Engineering Design -
Semester 2 - 3 Dual Enrollment Credits, Grade 9

MTB1329/EGN1007 Principles of Engineering -
Semester 1 - 3 Dual Enrollment Credits Semester 2 - 1 Dual Enrollment Credit, Grade 11

Prerequisite: Algebra 2 & Physics

EGS2930/EGS2931 Engineering Design and Development -
Semester 1 - 3 Dual Enrollment Credits Semester 2 - 1 Dual Enrollment Credit, Grade 12

Specialization Courses

8600620 Aerospace Engineering - 1 Credit, Grade 10

AE explores the evolution of flight, navigation and control flight fundamentals, aerospace materials, propulsion, space travel and orbital mechanics. In addition, this course presents alternative application for aerospace engineering concepts. Students analyze, design, and build aerospace systems, They apply knowledge gained throughout the course in a final presentation about the future of the industry and their professional goals.

8600630 Environmental Sustainability - 1 Credit, Grade 10

In this course students explore the diverse fields involved in environmental sustainability. Hands-on projects engage students in engineering design problems related to biomechanics, including student investigation and solution design to real-world challenges related to clean drinking water, food supply, genetic engineering, and renewable energy. Students apply biological and engineering concepts to design materials and processes that directly measure, repair, and improve bioengineering systems.

8600590 Civil Engineering & Architecture - 1 Credit, Grade 10

Students learn about various aspects of civil engineering and architecture and apply their knowledge to the design and development of residential and commercial properties and structures. In addition, student use 3D design software to design and document solutions for major course projects. Students communicate and present solutions to their peers and members of a professional community of engineers and architects.

9007610 Computer Science Honors - 1 Credit, Grade 10

Computer Science Honors will expose students to a diverse set of computational thinking concepts, fundamentals, and tools, allowing them to gain understanding and build confidence. Computer ScienceHonors helps students create a strong foundation to advance to Computer Science Principles, Computer Science A, and beyond.

Megatronics Sequence

9410110 Foundations of Megatronics - 1 Credit, Grade 9

9410120 Megatronics Design - 1 Credit, Grade 10

9410130 Megatronics Systems - 1 Credit, Grade 11

9410130 Megatronics Applications - 1 Credit, Grade 12

These courses provide students with content and skills essential to the design and operation of robotics, including artificial intelligence, sensors, electronic devices, engineering technologies, motion physics, electrical motors, programming, simulation and modeling and critical thinking skills.

Computer Science Sequence

9007610 Computer Science Honors - 1 Credit, Grade 9-10

0200335 AP Computer Science Principles - 1 Credit, Grade 10-12

0200320 AP Computer Science A - 1 Credit, Grade 10-12

This program offers students an opportunity to gain the technical knowledge and skills in the area of computer science. The pathway is unique in its focus on fostering students to be creative and encouraging students to apply creative processes when developing computational artifacts. Students design and implement innovative solutions using an iterative process similar to what artists, writers, computer scientists, and engineers use to bring ideas to life.

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