Our Mission

Lyman High School is committed to providing educational opportunities that will prepare and empower students for an ever changing global society.

Lyman High School

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Michael Rice

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7:00 am - 3:00 pm
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Lyman High School


Attention Seniors

In order to attened graduation you must complete the Senior Survey found in the link below:


Seniors make certain to complete the survey by May 1st or you will not be allowed to attend graduation!!!

Attention Students


Starting 10/24/16, we will begin the process of having students check-in through the front office only if they arrive on campus after 7:30am.  Students who have checked-in after 7:30am will receive a yellow slip that they will need to get into class.  It is important to know that this slip does not signify an Excused Absence/Tardy.  Teachers will be marking students absent as they are arriving after 10% of the class has been completed per School Board Policy.  If students have a reason that would be considered to be an excused absence (see below), have them bring official documentation to our Attendance Office where they will take care of marking the absence excused. 


Prior to 7:30am and after 7:20am, a student will be marked tardy and will not need to check-in through the front office.


Parents and Students, please know that your teachers will not allow you in class without this pass.  Be sure to come directly to the front office should you arrive after 7:30am. 


As a reminder, here are the reasons that an absence will be marked excused.

1. Medical treatment by a licensed physician

2. Observance of a religious holiday

3. Law enforcement order or court subpoena

4. Death of a family member

5. Natural disaster

6. Traffic accident that directly involved the student.

7. Extraordinary circumstances or situations, pre-arranged and with Principal permission.


Upcoming Events

April 6th - 8th
Spring Musical
7 PM

April 26th
Greyhound Scholars
6PM in the Auditorium

April 27th
Band Concert
7 PM

May 4th - 5th
Dance Showcase

May 11th
Chorus Concert
7 PM

May 17th - 18th
Theophilus Production
7 PM



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